National Services

Personally, I agree with the statement that all young adults should be required to do some sort of national service.

To start with, it leads the country to develop, especially in the developing country. While national services would cost the country’s money to carry out this program, essentially there are lots of way to develop a country. But this works requires thousands of resources including natural resources and human resources. Natural resources could boost a coutry by providing enough energy to light up the whole area. National services are a good way to utilize young and productive human resources to build up the country. For example, I was involved in an occasion to promote Indonesian tourism when I lived in Japan. This action tries to expand the country’s tourisim globally. In order to accomplish this movement, they need tens of young adults to help them carrying out this program. Just after this work finished, I heard that lots of foreign people are willing to go to Indonesa for ther vacation and I believe this would help my country to develop more in terms of tourism.

In addition, it also helps the young adult to learn more about value of life. These days, educational curriculums are impossible to teach and to create a great human character because college’s curriculums are only focusing on technical things. Thus, it is likely that young adults are not well educated in terms of human character, including value of life. I felt that I am afraid to join the worklife because I was just prepared technically in the college. But this was just before I joined the national service couple years ago. In this national service, I was forced to live in a rural society for two months. I didn’t enjoy the facilities there and I really wanted to go back in my town. Eventually, I enjoyed that life and I learnt about value of life while I was continuing my services there.

Finally, community service would also help the rural society towards a better life. I heard from people in a society where I lived for two months for a national service that they are glad because they’ve got lots of benefits from young adults lived in their village. They repaired the road, built a new sign marks, carried out a economic seminar, and so on. These days, remote areas need more attention to help them build up their remote village. The goverments are also trying the best solution to develop those rural area but this is not enough. National services would likely be one of the solutions to overcome this problem.

To sum up, these considerations led me to agree with that assertion that young adults have to do some sort of national service.

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