The Michelangelo’s Works

The reading passage describes some prominent works of Michelangelo in the renaissance era. The professor, however, disputes this arguments.

To begin with, the reading passage claims that The Statue of David was the masterpiece that he worked from 1501 to 1504. This casts doubt on the argument of the professor that he, Michaelangelo, was only finishing the work that previously carried out by another sculptor, Agustino De Duccio. Moreover, the professor asserted that the inspiration of this statue was not originally come from Michaelangelo himself.

The reading passage alleged that Michaelangelo was also involved in glorious works created in the Sistine Chapel where he worked for over 40 years and he was credited with painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The professor, however, disputes this point as well, pointing out that the work in Sistine Chapel actually employed thousands of artist.

The professor finishes by asserting that Michaelangelo is just a manager of artist, the one that sees talent and best of others.

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