Distance Learning or Classroom Learning?

Without question, classroom learning would help students to get more good relations to the Professor since they could simply ask their problems right within the class. Classroom learning is also a common and globally implemented way of learning in most of Universities. However, personally I agree with the assertion that distance learning and online computer classes should replace classroom learning. This opinion is based on ideas such as cost to go to a lecture; enjoying a class; and making your time more efficient.

First of all, it will reduce the cost to go to a lecture. While spending money to go to campus for a lecture can be fine for some people, I think for majority of students whose campus is far from their house, they are more likely to choose take an online class rather than spending money and time just to come for a lecture. Consider, for example, you are a college student who live with your family and your house is very far from campus. If you are about to go to campus for a 30 minutes of lecture, you will have to take bus for 60 minutes and spend money about 3 dollars. I don’t think that it is fair for a contition like that, since it takes longer time in the way to campus than the time you will be in a class.

In addition to the cost to go for a  lecture, distance lerning could make student enjoy the learning process in their own circumstance more than conventional class. It is true that recent modern class would be air conditioned, clean, and clear. However, this doesn’t guarantee that students will enjoy more in this situation. This condition would be making the students bored because they are forced to attend the lecture in the same room over and over again. From my own experience, I didn’t enjoy learning in such condition. I was forced to join the class in a same room whole semester. But, I could enjoy my self while I was learning the same materials for a course back in my own room.

Finally, alongside the issue of cost and enjoyment, students would be making their time more efficient. Of course, for some cases, classroom learning could deliver an efficient way of learning. However, for those who do, distance learning is a more efficient way of learning. In distance learning, you have flexibility in arranging your time. From my own experience, I could utilize my spare time in distance learning. I will take around 90 minutes for a conventional classroom learning, but I will spend 30 minutes less in an online class. Eventually I could make benefits from that more 30 minutes to, for example, read more papers or books related to that class.

My consideration of the issue of distance learning has explored factors such as spending money, enjoying the class, and making time more efficient. These considerations lead me to agree with the statement that distance learning and such an online computer class sould replace the conventional classroom learning.

The Michelangelo’s Works

The reading passage describes some prominent works of Michelangelo in the renaissance era. The professor, however, disputes this arguments.

To begin with, the reading passage claims that The Statue of David was the masterpiece that he worked from 1501 to 1504. This casts doubt on the argument of the professor that he, Michaelangelo, was only finishing the work that previously carried out by another sculptor, Agustino De Duccio. Moreover, the professor asserted that the inspiration of this statue was not originally come from Michaelangelo himself.

The reading passage alleged that Michaelangelo was also involved in glorious works created in the Sistine Chapel where he worked for over 40 years and he was credited with painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The professor, however, disputes this point as well, pointing out that the work in Sistine Chapel actually employed thousands of artist.

The professor finishes by asserting that Michaelangelo is just a manager of artist, the one that sees talent and best of others.

If there’s an earthquake disaster in Indonesia, what will you do to contribute?

If you want to receive the best from the life you live, you will first have to give your best. Never give anything less. Because effort only releases its reward just after a person refuses to quit. Do your part and give your best. That quote always reminds and encourages myself to give the very best of mine to the world. And for this case, what will I do to contribute?

To be dealing with this, I would like to split this into three time spans. Those are before the earthquake, when the earthquake comes, and after the earthquake. This is just because, in my view, this is the most effective way to contribute.

It is unpredictable, the coming of an earthquake. Thus, wherever I will be I will make sure that everyone around me is safe. For example, if I am in a public crowd, let say a mall, I will try to make people around me not to being panic and follow the instructions of how to get safe in a public area, either by shouting to them or speaking to them in appropriate manner. But if I am at home or campus, where fewer crowd is present, I will quickly tell them how to deal with earthquake and ask them to get covered.

I’ve been working with my friends about social media for disaster. But why social media? Because, for example, when the Japan’s phone system was knocked offline by the 9.0 earthquake in the late 2011, twitter quickly became the primary means of communication in Japan. In the hours after the earthquake, Tweet-O-Meter recorder as many as 1,200 tweets per minute out of Tokyo alone. Furthermore, there were about 40,000 tweets about the US east coast earthquake. We can see the power of social media from the above statistics. The power is not only during the disaster, but also before, during, and after the disaster.

What we are working on is the reorganization of social media. We are willing to combine all the social media so that it could be working as a charm. The top 3 social media for disaster are Facebook, Tweeter, and YouTube. If those three could be working comprehensively, the power of we is no longer impossible to be achieved.

Furthermore, we are also including the online donation and tracking system so intensively that we can easily donate online. Moreover, the current problem is the lack of information of victims. Thus, there were so many donations that are not well used resulting in an ineffective way of helping. Therefore, by using Google Maps, we try to develop online system to overcome that huge problem.

We are planning to be deploying the new reinvented social media soon. As the development is still in progress, the beta version is deployed on guntur.web.id/survive.

Just like what I did in the previous earthquake disaster, I will be actively getting involved in voluntary works. I know some organizations related to this voluntary works that I can get involved. So, when the earthquake disaster comes, just make my web social media online, join the voluntary works, and contribute the best for better Indonesia.

A Kind of Essay

I got nothing to post in my weblog, but I wrote an essay that was intended for Tenaris Scholarship. In terms of writing time, this essay ranked the first of all essay that I’ve written, just because I was about to try to apply for Tenaris Scholarship which was extended — probably because there were less applicants. Thus, this essay is likely to be the worst essay in my record of writing essays. Here is the essay that, I have to say, I am kind of proud of it, the fastest written essay in my life:

Engineers drive humankind to a better life. It was a life with a tremendous heat in the summer before air conditioner was invented. Communication was impossible to be carried out in such a long distance before the radio proved that such barrier is totally nothing. And engineers made other things that were so cumbersome in the past much easier in the present.

I, Guntur Dharma Putra, currently study in Gadjah Mada University within Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Department. My major is something that has been intriguing me since I was in high school, which is Information Technology. Specifically, I’m interested in developing websites and maintaining computer network since it is considerably useful for others and it could deliver my knowledge up to par. But on overall facets, it is likely to be a kind of my self-satisfaction to be able to learn and educate myself in almost all of academic activity.

I’ve been interested in engineering since I was in High School. It were global prominent IT professionals such as Steve Jobs, Linus Torvalds, Larry Page and Sergey Brin that persuaded me into this sophisticated engineering world. Their ideas and dreams always drive my mind into a fantastic imagination about how the future world will be, with advancement of technology. For instance, I imagined how humankind will be much more helped with the presence of digital personal assistant that accept all of our commands by just saying some words to them. Although it is sounded silly, this simple naïve idea makes me dreams to be the one that will make it happens. Yes, I want to made great things. Yes, I want to be an IT Researcher.

Research and development play an undeniable important role in driving humankind to a better life. Creating inventions needs a process with lots of trials,

iterations, and adjustments. Remember when a famous American inventor, Thomas A. Edison, worked on a project with a goal to create a brighter night. His works were conducted with lots of trials and errors Moreover, rumors said that he tried almost a thousand times until he found the best compound that would last the longest as a light bulb.

I’ve learnt a lot from Japan since I lived there for about a year as an exchange student. The land of the rising sun gave me a broader view about how research should be conducted. I practiced to carry out a research and I was supervised by Japanese Professor. Fortunately, I could publish my work in a national-wide conference there in Japan.

Thus, to accomplish my dream as an IT researcher, I have got to pursue a higher degree of education. Yet, I am enrolled as 3rd year bachelor student in Engineering Faculty and I am willing to finish my study as soon as possible. My plan is, currently, to complete the entire courses and lectures that are suppose to be finished in order to get my bachelor degree. Meanwhile, I am also currently working with my bachelor final project for my bachelor thesis. Then, after graduated from Gadjah Mada University, I will be looking for any chances of going abroad and getting a scholarship to achieve a master degree.

My future dream is, something that has been rushing in my head since I was in my freshman year, to be a professor and to serve my country, Indonesia, through my almamater. I will try to drive humankind into a better life by doing research on IT Engineering. I know it for sure that it is not as easy as turning my hand upside down. I must struggle in order to turn my dream into reality.

I am hoping a lot on this Tenaris Scholarship to fulfill my passion of research on IT engineering. Since currently, I need a financial support to help conducting my bachelor thesis and finishing my bachelor degree. This scholarship will boost my knowledge and ability since it is possible to do more things related to my study.

Last but not least, I would like to allege that engineering is not only a major for me but it is a passion of life cause I know an engineer has been, and is, a maker of history.

What Should I Write?

Again, my time was spent by just doing lots of unordered works.That works were just spontaneously emerged and I got no other options but to do it. Actually, those were not suppose to be carried out since I’ve got another must-do job: writing an english essay to sharpen my english writing skill each night.

I am willing to take an iBT TOEFL. I found the place that holds iBT TOEFL test in my city, that is REAL English, an english course center that is also providing iBT TOEFL which is located just couple minutes walk from my university. As you might already know that, taking a TOEFL test is not a piece of cake in terms of english proficiency and financial support. For english proficiency, I can practice day by day just like doing this. But how to deal with the money? Thus, I need a new financial source to support my wish.

I found an interesting offer that is likely to be easy to obtain. That is a big scholarship offer that was, FYI, extended, probably because there were few applicants who were interested. However, I know that to get that scholarship is so competitive because it gives the grantees USD2500 each semester and will last for 2 semesters. No matter what, I have to take this once-in-my-live opportunity.

As one of requirements to apply for that scholarship, I have got to write an essay about passion, expectation, and future plan as an engineer of mine. Although I am fond of applying for scholarships and I have written numerous amount of essay (overwhelming), this question is still rushing in my head: What Should I Write?